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This blog brings together people from all generations, with different visions and that is what makes us strong. Alone we go faster, together we go further: the addition of intelligences put end to end allows to give birth to new experiences! We explain: We have in our team:

A board game enthusiast and one who has traveled a lot and settled in other countries : all together passionate about high mountains and cocooning. Can you imagine the richness this can bring to a blog? On many sites dedicated to the mountain, we are informed of the activities to do during the day but the information is very light concerning the evenings of this fact, we have decided to create a blog for this purpose, to talk about what we can do after a day of skiing.
In this sense, the originality of this blog is to address only the end of the day; it will be dedicated to the youngest as well as the oldest because we will talk about outdoor activities (the best restaurants, bars etc.) but also indoor activities (board games, etc.) What we report here you will not find anywhere else; neither in books nor on the internet, quite simply because this blog belongs to us and we want it as close to reality as possible. So, we will find our information on site or by asking the tourist office concerned. 

We advocate authenticity, uniqueness but also sharing, which is why we are going to share
with you our best plans for enjoying mountain evenings.

And don't forget the saying: "The mountain wins you"

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